This is a 2-3 hour security awareness session for both non-technical and technical employees, combined with round-the-table discussions and live 'user-friendly' hacking demos.

The focus is on uninformed users who can do harm to a company's network by responding to phishing e-mails, opening documents from untrusted media, visiting websites infected with malware, storing their login information in unsecured locations, and even giving out sensitive information over the phone. We also discuss the importance of strong password policies, pass-sentences, and two-factor authentication methods.

At the end of the session, the students should be able to understand the risks involved with social engineering and other client-side attacks, and how to act when confronted with such attacks. The students will appreciate your password policy, and will learn how to deal with it!

Included in this awareness session are 2 e-mail spear phishing campaigns...

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Web security is today's most overlooked aspect of securing the infrastructure. Websites and web applications are continuously exposed to attacks coming from the Internet.
Why? Websites and web applications are a very attractive target for cyber criminality and hacktivism because they are 24/7 available via the Internet. Mission-critical business applications, containing sensitive data, are often published on the Internet through a web interface. In addition, traditional firewalls and SSL provide no protection against web attacks, and systems engineers know little about these sophisticated application-level attacks.

It’s definitely time to improve your web security. Web security is more than just a firewall...

MME provides web security testing and training, a web application scanner, and even an open source web security testing framework.
Better to know your vulnerabilities, and to remediate them, than spending your yearly security budget to an overrated firewall!

To stimulate security awareness, we offer a free web quick scan to anyone who subscribes to our Ethical Hacking Web Apps training. This is a fully automated web application vulnerability scan that can be performed on the corporate website of the participant. The scan can be executed after approval by the owner of the website, and after signing a non-disclosure agreement.

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We are honored to do a keynote session at Sophos Day Belux 2014.
Our mission: attack and compromise a secure environment in only 60 minutes!
Meet us on 25 November in Living Tomorrow Vilvoorde.