Ethical Hacking BOOTCAMP


Definitely the most advanced and up-to-date cyber security training ever organized, taught by trainers who perform security audits and penetration tests on a daily basis!

This is a 3 day comprehensive technical awareness training for system engineers, network administrators, IT staff, security officers and all enthusiasts.

Students will attack servers, clients, wireless networks, mobile devices and even humans! You will perform lateral movement, sniff networks, crack passwords with custom wordlists, create malware, and hack web vulnerabilities like SQL injection.

But it's not all about the hacking stuff: students will learn the basic concepts of cyber security, counterattack techniques, how to implement secure network architecture concepts & systems design, and how to identify threat actors and remediate vulnerabilities.

Register here for our next session on-site in Menen (HQ) on September 20/21/22.
Register here for our next session online on September 20/21/22.


At the end of this training course, students should be able to assess their own infrastructure for security holes, and to confirm false positives using penetration testing and ethical hacking techniques. In addition, they should be able to implement a defense-in-depth security strategy.

We focus on methodologies and procedures, and not only on software tools. This approach - in combination with realistic hands-on labs - separates MME's courses from others!

Although this is not an official EC-Council course, students will be prepared to pass the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEHv12) exam with ease.

Price: 1250 EUR (1)

  • Course materials and software
  • Penetration testing distribution
  • Access to our hacking lab (on-premise or through VPN)
  • Lunch, drinks and snacks (on-premise)
  • Certificate of completion

(1) Early bird price if registered 60+ days before training date. Normal price: 2150 EUR.

Available dates

Register  >>  20/09/2023 - 22/09/2023  |  09:00 - 17:00  |  Menen + CyberClass
Register  >>  13/12/2023 - 15/12/2023  |  09:00 - 17:00  |  Menen + CyberClass

This training can also be organized on-site, at your preferred location!
In addition, the training can be booked as a 2-days private session (= fast-track).





  • Day 1
    • Introduction to Kali Linux
    • Active and Passive Recon
    • Scanning and Enumeration
    • Vulnerability Mapping
    • Exploitation with Metasploit
    • Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
    • Pivoting and Post-Exploitation
    • Offline Password Cracking

  • Day 2
    • Hacking Wireless Networks
    • Rogue Access Points
    • Device: the WiFi Pineapple
    • Online Password Attacks
    • Creating Effective Wordlists
    • Pass-the-Hash Techniques
    • Token Impersonation
    • Extracting Windows Credentials
    • Happy Hunting with Armitage
  • Day 3
    • Social Engineering and Malware
    • Client-Side Exploits
    • Local Privilege Escalation
    • Attacking Mobile Devices
    • Introduction to Web Applications
    • OWASP and its Top 10 Risks
    • Web Application Scanners
    • Intercepting Proxies
    • Exploiting SQL Injection


  • Your own laptop is required (!)
    • Windows (pref), OS X or Linux
    • Administrator privileges
    • Access to BIOS settings
    • Ethernet and USB interface
    • Ability to disable AV and IPS
    • VMware Player/Fusion installed
  • Basic knowledge in TCP/IP

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